Three Trevor Brown books; excellent condition. $150+ shipping. Still available.
Black Box postcard set also available; add $20.


Buffmonster Lot

For Sale:
Buffmonster Lot.

8″ White: $80 (signed box)
3″ BM002: $20
3″ BM003: $20
3″ BM004: $20
Series 1 Skull Chase: $40
Pink Pirate (website exclusive 01) : $40
NYCC Exclusive: $40
Dunny LA Series (no box, but figure has a sketch on back): $40
Qee: $40 (signed box)
Teddy Troop 10″: $65 (signed box)
Teddy Troop GID Hand Paint Xmas exclusive w/hand screened box: $225

I have a few more that I can’t remember the names for, so hit me up if you’re looking for something!

For sale:
Tara McPherson lot.

(I’m charging what what I paid for them)
Bubble Yucky: Both colors are $80/e.
Gosho: $80
Hellboy: $100SOLD
Skwert: $50 SOLD
(all have boxes)

Bandaged one: (no accessories, sticker or box) $30
Series four: (no accessories, sticker or box) $30

Mini Circus Punk: $12 SOLD

Ace and Ion: $45: SOLD

Qee: $40 (no box)

Jeremy Fish Gold Turtle Camper

Turtle Camper: Gold.
Artist: Jeremy Fish
Manufactured by: Strangeco.
Production run: 350.
Asking price: SOLD
Condition: Mint toy kept in display case. Box has no damage.
Will be shipped once payment is received; bubble wrapped in cardboard shipping box.
Photograph is from the web until I can get a decent photo of my in-hand item.

You can check my eBay feedback under spconline; I’ve been an eBay user since 1999 under the same username.

Over the last several years I’ve amassed a decent collection of designer vinyl toys. Over the last several months I’ve refocused my collection on a particular artist (Pushead: See my Pushead toy blog here) ¬†and am quickly running out of display space.

So. This blog is going to be my virtual yardsale.

All of the toys I list will have been kept in a glass case in a smokefree home and will come with original packaging unless otherwise noted.

I’d rather sell them to other collectors than flip them on eBay.

I’ll be offering toys by Buffmonster, Tara McPhereson, Jermaine Rogers and Jeremy Fish to name just a few of the designers that will be up for sale.

As soon as I get my lightbox set up, I’ll start photographing the toys and the sale(s) will begin!